January 19, 2010

Mod Podge'd Picture Frames

What are you supposed to do with all of those Ultrasound photos??
With both of my boys I ended up with tons of those black and white photos and nowhere to put them.
I made these!
Boy #1
Boy #2
1 5X7 black frame 1 4X6 black frame
2 ultra sound photos (or any photo's you want)
1 sheet of rub on stickers from Hobby Lobby
black ribbon to hang with
Hot Glue Gun + Sticks
Mod Podge!
Step 1: Take the backs off of the frames. Discard. Step 2: Determine the placement of photo and of Rub-on decal. Step 3: Mod Podge photo to the Glass part of the frame. Step 4: Rub on the decal. Step 5: determine length of ribbon for desired position on wall. Step 6: Hot Glue ribbon and Hang on wall :)

*As a Bonus*

I wrote on the back with a Sharpie
the week of the ultra sound and the name of the child

Candle Holders

*I love Mod Podge*
~For these candle holders I Mod Podged the Vellum Paper to the vase and candle.
~Then I applied the Rub-On decals with the rhinestones.
~After that I just added some yarn to finish it off!

They look fun on my bed side tables :)

Coming Soon!

I hope to have this up and running within the next few weeks!
Stay Tuned...

January 18, 2010

Monogram Wreath

Here is the wreath that I made.
I originally thought to use it as a chistmas wreath but of course it wasn't made in time :)
The inspiration was from Linda over on Craftaholics Anonymous.
She made hers with strips of burlap, but I didn't have any.
I made mine with the extra length of fabric cut from the boys curtains!

What a good model ;P

This is the 20 inch frame I used for the wreath.

The strips of fabric I cut into 1X6 inch lengths and then just tied them around the frame.

Total cost of project: $4.30!!

*Frame - $3 from Michaels *Letter M - $1 from Hobby Lobby *Paper - 30 cents from Hobby Lobby *Ribbon - free (on hand) *Fabric - free (on hand)